Our Team

The Ukrainian company "Studio of Interactive Design" (SidStudio) is the developer of SensorsCloud.

SidStudio was launched in 1999. Since its establishment, the company has been developing custom software.


The main areas of SidStudio are:

  • Web applications and non-standard sites development;
  • Software development for industrial IoT;
  • Software for microcomputers and embedded systems development;
  • Corporate Android applications development;
  • Development of systems which are using computer vision;
  • UI / UX design.

The studio's portfolio includes many different projects starting from online stores finishing with augmented reality headsets and unmanned vehicle control.

The company also has experience in developing software for a cold chain control system. It can be run on an embedded system that has very limited hardware resources.

At the end of 2019, SidStudio began developing its own software product called SensorsCloud. SensorsCloud is an ecosystem of collecting, controlling, processing, analyzing, visualizing and storing data from various sources. These sources can be: navigation systems, telemetry systems, industrial automation and climate control.

The goal of our project is to create a modern and reliable, convenient and accessible system of professional level. It can be used both at the corporate and personal usage, as a Dedicated system and SaaS platform.


A permanent team is working on the project:

  • Web developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Embedded system programmers
  • Android developers and others

The guarantee of reliable cooperation with us is our extensive experience and long operating time in the software development market. We have also invested considerable resources of our own in the development of our product - SensorsCloud.

We are also interested in cooperation with developers and manufacturers of sensors and other electronic devices to integrate with SensorsCloud. Moreover we are interested in collaboration with system integrators for implementation into SensorsCloud.

You can contact us using the feedback form.